Friday, March 15, 2013

"We just want common-sense gun-safety laws!"

Take your kid to the show, go to jail.  That's their idea of 'common-sense'.

There are two reasons to target AR-15s, and neither is good. First, "assault weapons" are used in mass killings, which are both more newsworthy and more realistic-seeming to a white suburbanite. Second, AR-15s are, by far, the favorite gun of legal gun buyers.

"Assault rifles," writes Baum, "were just as powerful symbolically as they were ballistically. A renewed assault-rifle ban would really smash the enemy's idols."

Also, when speaking about sales without background checks, gun controllers always refer to "gun shows." Most guns used in murders aren't bought at gun shows -- they're stolen or bought on the street. But gun shows are large gatherings of the "gun tribe" -- and so they must be shut down.

Feinstein's been in the Senate 20 freakin' years; she gets a question she doesn't like and "That nasty man patronized me!"
Bitch also didn't answer the question, did she?

They lie, and lie, and lie again:
The top U.S. immigration enforcement official acknowledged Thursday that the Obama administration has in fact released thousands of illegal immigrants from local jails over the last month despite prior claims that the release was only in the hundreds.

You want to know why we still have the racial problems we do?  Dirtbags like this:
Disgraced ex-Mayor and shameless identity politician Kwame Kilpatrick has been convicted on twenty-four counts of extortion, racketeering, and bribery. The stunningly corrupt politician, who looted from Detroit’s poor and needy to pay for a life of luxury he never earned, is going to jail. His life is ruined, and his family has been shamed.
The latest bit of misery was unearthed by a financial consultant brought in to dig through Detroit’s books. He found “an additional $7.2 billion in retiree health costs that had never been reported, or even tallied up.” Until 2008, Detroit was not required to keep track of its workers’ lifetime health care bills. Now, of course, it’s the people who are least able to pay who will bear the brunt of this.
This miserable bastard is just like Sharpton: stir up as much hate and trouble as possible and make money and power off every bit of it.  And then claim they're 'saving the black community' by doing it.  Jesse Jackson, .Jr who just went to jail(and how much of that crap was daddy involved in?) and a how many of the crapheads in the Congressional Black Caucus?


Windy Wilson said...

Take your kid to a gun show and go to jail. How about we remove the "Under 17 not admitted without parent" exception to R rated movies? Oh, no, we can't do that, that's a free speech issue.
Well, going to a trade show is also a free speech issue, and besides, the number of children injured at gun shows --heck, there are probably more injured at the annual county and state fairs, so why not ban children there? But there are so few injured at gun shows to single those out is unreasonable over reaching by the state.

Firehand said...

Hey, that's their specialty!

Wrench said...

Wonder what the other half of Detroit thinks about this crap? Of course I am speaking of the industrious Mooselums...Bloodsuckers in their own right...