Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What? there's aanother problem with the Zimmerman case?

Who could have expected such a thing?
I mean, it's not like there were any other problems with the way it's been handled, right?

A while back I wrote that some of the crap the prosecutor was doing was going to come back and bite her- and everyone involved- in the ass.  I think the teeth are being sharpened.

From Bjorn Lomborg, no, electric cars are NOT zero-polluting.  Argument I've had with a bunch of people who just don't want to hear it.

One of these days some poor bastard maintenance guy or contractor is going to be killed by the campus popo because he was seen carrying a cordless drill, and the clowns involved are going to spout the "We had to act in the interests of student safety" as the excuse.
The really sick thing is how many people will buy it.

Also from Tam, on the late commie down south,
I am always sad and depressed when a tyrant dies a natural death, rather than being hounded and torn by an enraged mob of his oppressed citizens, then hung from his heels in the public square to be beaten like a pinata by happy children.
That is a finale that gives me that warm, fuzzy sic semper tyrannis feeling down deep inside, not this wafting off into the never-never, veins pumped full of socialized painkillers distilled from the sweat of the toiling proletariat. There wasn't near enough screaming involved in Pugsley's curtain call. 

What do the Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan and the home of Spokane’s Singing Nuns have in common?
They’re all on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s map of “hate groups” in the Northwest.
SPLC: full of the shit nobody else wants to touch.

So, did Kelly commit a felony, or did he decide on the "I'm not keeping it" crap when he got caught buying one of the EBRs he says should be banned?

What?  We expect the RWPPs and racial grievance-mongers to celebrate blacks with legal arms protecting themselves and others?  Fat chance.
This is a really weird one to me.  These people stood up and said "Screw the Klan, we're not hiding and we're not depending on the sheriff/police/FBI who won't do squat; we're taking up arms like any other citizen for our defense and acting", and you'd think that'd be celebrated.  But no, that's to be glossed-over and forgotten.  A disgusting number of people would rather that either
They'd stayed unarmed and been stomped on, or
That, after their efforts paid off, they'd just disappeared from history; they're too inconvenient for a bunch of clowns who want all power vested in the .gov, and want everyone to be a victim who needs saving.

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