Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, Dr. Phil, you can kiss the ass of any troop

willing to let your sorry face close to it.
Dr. Phil, arguably one of the most popular talk show hosts on the planet, decided to feature this issue on his show this week. And while he could have taken a reasonable approach, he went straight for the gut instead. Titling the show “From Heroes To Monsters”, he painted a picture of vets with PTSD as ticking time bombs of violence, describing them as damaged goods who “destroy families” and “dismantle marriages”.
You'll note his star 'witness' doesn't give a full name, so they can't find out if his stories are true, or even approaching truth. And considering the number of fake 'combat vets' who've come out of the woodwork the last years, I'm not willing to consider it true without some background confirming it.

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SordidPanda said...

In order to monitor veterans as "domestic terrorists" you need to make them the boogeyman.

Doesn't matter that veterans are 3x less likely than the general population to commit a violent crime such as murder. When facts don't fit the narrative liberals just ignore them.