Saturday, April 07, 2012

Thinking about a kilt in a more modern style?

Jennifer happened upon this: a 5.11 tactical(of course...) duty kilt.

From the pictures looks pretty good. I've got a Utilikilt, and it's nice, but this is a hell of a lot less expensive, and has more pockets; if this does come out I'll probably scrape together some money and buy one.


Mattexian said...

I'm on their waiting list too, and I also have a Utilikilt. Made the rookie mistake of getting it in black, thinking "it'll go with everything," forgetting that I live in SE Texas, where it's hot 12 months out of the year, and black isn't so great for dealing with that! Definitely looking forward to something else, in khaki this time (tho I'm sure work won't allow me to wear it). :(

Les @ LPN Programs said...

How long is the wait? Thinking of getting one too..

Firehand said...

No idea on the wait; put your name on the waiting list and they should notify you when they come out.

They may be looking at the list a saying "We need to make more of these!"