Friday, April 06, 2012

...“it’s very, very unusual to have someone at a field office communicating directly

with someone at the National Security Council.” Well, yeah. Especially when the White House is flatly ignoring "We need to talk to him" letters.

The People's Republic of Maryland told they have to pay attention to the 2nd Amendment; the commissars don't like it.

So this Jim Bell may be the clown at NBC who took what credibility they had and wiped his ass with it.

Arby's just might learn that this isn't the best way to deal with customers

What? Government employees figuring they'll get away with crap?
You're surprised?
Second wife worked at a federal agency in OKC, in the IGs office. Came home one day and, in a kind-of-shocked voice, told me that there were signs in the office(the whole building, if I remember right) saying "Just because you work for the Federal Government doesn't mean you get to skip filing your taxes." And one of the people training her laughed about it, as he hadn't filed his for several years and wasn't worried about it...

Time: We don't care if you catch us, we lie anyway

Personal: after what has to be one of the most effed-up troop movements ever, son is finally on the ground in A'stan. Boy, am I happy.

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Gerry N. said...

I'm pretty sure Time Magazine's reader doesn't care, he only gets it to use as toilet paper anyway.

Gerry N.