Tuesday, April 03, 2012

And while Obama & Co. are screwing our oil production,

they're working to shove 15% ethanol fuel down our throats.

Personally I think it's a combination: they want to damage oil, they want to force people to this crop-wasting stuff, AND they want to force people to buy new cars that can use this crap.


Anonymous said...

It's not just the cars. I've been keeping my old lawn mower and older snowblower running for years, 'cause the new ones aren't worth a bucket of warm spit. But it's been increasingly difficult with the ethanol-laced fuel, and I suspect it will be more difficult with more ethanol.
They're beginning to bug me.

Firehand said...

Lots of older vehicles and power tools will be ruined by even use of 10%; the 15% ruin even more. I had to get a new mower last year, this one's rated to use the 10% but specifically says 'Do NOT use 15%'.