Sunday, February 12, 2012

Californicated: if you own a politically-incorrect firearm,

that of itself is a crime of 'moral turpitude'. And all those AR clones and SKS and Garand rifles used for target shooting and hunting? Well, they aren't actually used for those things, the judge says so!("Don't believe your lying eyes, believe what the court tells you.")

Here's our current "What to expect tonight and tomorrow" weather map:
Snow and sleet, big deal(except for the idiots who think anti-lock brakes or 4WD/AWD means they can drive like normal); just keep the glazing away from me, please.

Alphecca has some thoughts on investments. Including
In an aside, I’ve always been a late-night radio listener and for — how many years? 30-years or more? — I’ve heard the ads and advice for buying gold. Of course, never having any money, I never did. When I think of all those years where gold sold for $35 dollars an ounce and I shrugged my shoulders . . .
I know the feeling. Tempered by the knowledge that when gold was at those prices I could have beggared myself and bought some, but that didn't seem like a good idea. When it was $80/ounce I'd have had to stop eating and/or stop feeding the kids if I wanted to buy some(it is a nice dream, to send back the knowledge "Hey, if you can hide away enough to buy an ounce or two a year, in twenty years and more it'll be worth a FORTUNE!"). For that matter, if I'd had any idea at the time, when I was 19 or 20 I'd have raided the store south of Lawton every month or two and made another selection from the big rack of greasy old Mausers of various origins that sold for $35-40 bucks. Left them in the grease and just stored them away...

The BBC now stands accused of covering up the allegations, which were detailed in The Oldie magazine, because senior executives did not want the corporation’s reputation to be tarnished.

A BBC News source said: “The extreme nature of the claims about Savile meant that the Newsnight report was going to seriously compromise the lavish BBC tributes scheduled to run later the same month.

“And second, the allegations directly involved the BBC, in that the woman who gave the interview said that she and others were abused by Savile on BBC premises.”

Well, I'd guess a combination of "We know what's best for your children" combined with "If the farmers and ranchers' kids can't work, they'll have to hire someone! and we'll make sure they're union employees!!"
Can you imagine the local sheriff being told "Here's a warrant for Farmer Jones and Rancher Smith; they're letting their kids do illegal labor, so go arrest them."? Or does the plan consider an enforcement arm so they can send their own SWAT teams out to arrest people?

Interpol: anyone who trusts these clowns, especially after this, is a fool.
Interpol has been accused of abusing its powers after Saudi Arabia used the organisation's red notice system to get a journalist arrested in Malaysia for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Police in Kuala Lumpur said Hamza Kashgari, 23, was detained at the airport "following a request made to us by Interpol" the international police cooperation agency, on behalf of the Saudi authorities.

Want. Badly.

I would flat love to see the current mayor of Chicago put under oath and asked about Gunwalker(and questioned by people with the balls to not back off). Take a look at what he wants his subjects to be slapped with:
Illinois handgun owners would be required to register their weapons with the state — and pay a $65-per-gun registration fee — under a mayoral plan proposed Thursday to arm police with the information they need to solve crimes and reduce illegal firearm transfers.
His proposal would require all handgun owners to obtain a certificate of registration from the State Police for every handgun they own — at a cost of $65-per-weapon — and to renew that registration every five years.

They would be required to provide: their name, address and telephone number; the manufacturer of the gun, its model type and serial number; and the date and source of the purchase.

Whenever a handgun is sold, the seller would be required to report the sale to the State Police “no less than 48 hours prior to delivery.” Handgun buyers would have 20 days to file for a new certificate of registration. Anyone caught carrying or possessing an unregistered handgun would face a Class 2 felony.
It's all for the public good, of course; and of COURSE, in Illinois, none of the many millions of dollars extorted from the citizens(the honest ones) would POSSIBLY be misused, or disappeared into pockets...

So one big reason The Lightworker needs to trash religious freedom is to save us from global warmening...
On The Lightworkers' current "You churches will do what you're told, your conscience means nothing to me or The Government I Decree:
One of the more memorable occasions of my finding out what a uncaring bastard I am was when I informed some people that they could get an abortion if they wanted "but stop demanding that I pay for it." I could have strolled into a church on Sunday and pissed on the altar and had a less hateful reaction.

That was when it truly struck me that, for a lot of these people, abortion and contraception and such aren't actually 'available' to women unless the women using them don't have to pay for them. And, simply by disagreeing with that, I was classed as a misogynist, christianist, fascist who wanted womyn to DIE!!! etc. rinse repeat.

So: Obama says "You will provide this, or else." A bunch of religious people say "Screw you, start throwing us in jail, we won't do it." So he 'compromises' with "Ok, so YOU won't have to provide it, you'll just be forced to pay the insurance company to provide it, so all is well." Which is such utter bullshit that I can't believe he can throw that out without first painting his face like the Joker.

So, we'll see which churchmen actually believe what they preach, and have the balls to stand by it, and which are the kind who gave that Kennedy annulment of his first marriage- kids and all- so he could have a full church wedding with the second("Well, belief is all nice and good, but you can't expect us to cause a problem for that family! And nobody will take this seriously, and they're friends of mine, so...").

Daughter informed me yesterday that there's a Starbucks in the nearby Barnes & Noble bookstore; and it carries various munchies and tea as well as coffee; this is going to make the Buycott even better.

Teacher's unions; just so concerned for the kids...

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