Friday, February 17, 2012

Ultimak Garand mount, second test

A while back I mentioned getting a Ultimak mount for my M1; first tryout here. It being a fine day for the range*, today it got a tryout on the 50 and 100-yard ranges. Total of 48 rounds of cast-bullet loads at 50(accuracy test) and 32 rounds of Korean PS ball split between 50 and 100.

I like this mount. Didn't shift, move, squiggle, nothing, just sat there solidly in place, the way it's supposed to. It's an overcast, cool day, and the mount got a touch warm; I can see how firing a bunch on a hot day could get it hot, but unless you're actually touching it with your forward hand, shouldn't be any big deal. And that aluminum cools down fast.

I'd have to say 'Recommend'. Solid, nice-looking. And having an optic takes some of the guesswork out of testing loads. I do need to find some lower rings, I'd like a better cheek weld on the stock, but if you had a scope with a large bell you'd need a bit higher rings; you could always make/buy a cheekrest if need be. Or if you're not worried about a original stock or something, put a wood one on top of the comb like that used on the #4 Enfield snipers.

Speaking of loads, I had three variations of cast-bullet loads and none of them will set the world on fire. Great for the indoor range, but not good for 100 yards or beyond.

Also took something I hadn't fired in a long time, my muzzleloader. It's a Lyman Plains Rifle, .54 caliber; I'd forgotten the fun of working with it. And with some of the stuff available now, cleaning up after is a lot less mess.

Noticed a guy with a S&W 15-22 and a red-dot sight and asked about it: it's this one from Primary Arms. He said he's had it about four months with zero problems.

I shall now get stuff out of the truck before it rains, and get ready: my goddaughter has the same birthday, and I'm going to her party tonight.

*Defined as "I'm not at work, it's not raining, and the clouds prevent glare"


Roger said...

With the Ultimak, did you notice any verticle stringing when it and the rifle got hot?

Firehand said...

Not that I could tell. Everything seemed to be distribut- ah, grouped the way you'd expect.

Anonymous said...

You really, REALLY need to try using an Aimpoint micro on your Ultimak. If you want to play with one on an AK let me know.


Firehand said...

I've heard good things about them, I'd like to try out out. With the price, doubt I'd wind up with one; since I got my Garand before prices went skyward, that sight would cost more than I've paid for the rifle and mount both

Anonymous said...

Should I understand that your "B Day" is Feb 17? So is mine, and I just got a Garand, and ordered the Ultimak mount yesterday! 1956 for me