Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have to note an interesting thing:

Had to go by Wally World for something(couldn't find it elsewhere) and in the pharmacy area found packages of Quikclot.
This discovery will shortly be followed by a DHS warning that people buying this may be militia/terrorist suspects. Except if they pay with cash, then they ARE suspects.

Power tools and gun cleaning is a combination that tends to freak people out(with good reason), but one way you can use them:
my K-22 has some of the problem Tam has mentioned: combine match chambers with lots of .22 ammo, and you get sticky ejection and loading. Had some stubborn spots in a couple of chambers, so got a brush that would be snug in the chamber, chucked it into the power driver, added a little solvent and- spinning it SLOWLY- worked it into the chamber, then back & forth a few times. Next chamber, repeat. Let it sit a few minutes and wiped them out: not a trace of fouling left.

Did the same thing on the .32 Hand Ejector; saves a lot of back & forth scrubbing.

So, CNN ran another piece about the Administration's proposal for a single internet identity for everybody, to circumvent all those pesky passwords and logins you have to remember right now.

This may be the stupidest idea to come out of Washington since the creation of the TSA.
And at least equally ripe for abuse.

By the way, the dollar stores around here carry a 'LA'a Totally Awesome' Cleaner/Degreaser', dilute as needed and so forth. I tried it straight on where chain lube had fouled the chain guards on the bike; this stuff works pretty damn well. Masked the chain with plastic, sprayed, hardly had to brush it dissolved the stuff so well, then rinsed right off.

And now, I shall do some of the cleaning I've been putting off.


Anonymous said...

Shaklee makes a product called "Basic H" which I use for everything - shaving, shampoo, showering, dishes, floors, walls, toilets, you name it. It also works like a champ on the muzzle loader. It works so well that I haven't even tried their degreaser product. I don't sell the stuff, so I got no dog in the fight, but you might want to see if you can score a little bottle and try it out.

Titan Mk6B said...

The La Totally Awesome stuff does work great. And it's cheap too.