Sunday, February 12, 2012

When the police run out of tear gas,

I think you can count that as a severe situation.

So grossly-oversized fake boobs are good for something besides back trouble!

Whitney Houston died. Way she looked last time I saw pictures, I'm surprised she made it this long. Gorgeous woman, beautiful voice...
One of the things that used to annoy me about some of Spider Robinsons' stories was that he liked to hit on the idea 'what kind of world have we created, that so many creative people have to drug themselves to get through it?'; my reply was "What the hell is wrong with so many creative people that they screw themselves up with drugs?" Houston's a good example: what the hell happened to her that she did this to herself?

I'm going to have to learn some of these: being able to call someone 'a baboon's asshole' in Mandarin might come in handy.

So if Congress can't steal your retirement account now, they want to steal what they can if you die and leave what's left to your kids. Have I mentioned how I'm on the edge of actually hating these thieving bastards?

Purple squirrels?

That's it from me. Cold outside all day, and the snow's just starting to reach the ground here. I spent the day inside, loaded some ammo, did a bit of cooking and cleaning. I think I shall now clean myself up and retire to a bit of rum and a video I borrowed from the library.


Kevin said...

"on the edge"? Why are you so far behind?

bob r said...

I guess I'll drop what I was going to write and just say: "what Kevin said."