Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Once again, I'm going to go to bad language:

God damn the stupid fucking politicians in uniform responsible for this shit. Every damned one of them. ANOTHER fine troop screwed over by idiot ROE and assholes with rank. Only God knows how many troops have been killed, crippled and wounded due to this garbage.

Fuck them. Every miserable, conniving damned one of them. In particular you, Lt. Col. Folsom; you're a disgrace to the men you command and the rank you wear.


AM said...

Loyalty needs to go both ways to be effective. Up the chain as well as down the chain. If your boss doesn't cover for your call then it is probably best to get the hell out of the military, or at least find a different food chain.

Senior officers have a lot of influence over a junior officers career, for good or ill. It isn't impossible to buck a bad report (I worked for a now Full Bird Colonel who had to fight for every promotion he got).

Right now I wouldn't recommend the military as a career to someone who has any other options.

skidmark said...


What would it take for you to tell us how you really feel?

I'd love to share my thoughts, but since the electrons to do so travel in interstate commerce I'd surely get busted for violating some FCC rule about inappropriate language. (Although how it could be called inappropriate is beyond me.)

The good LT called down a shot on a bombmaker and his CO seems OK with that. Then the LT tries to make sure the bombmaker does not get whisked off to survive and kill more another day. And his CO gets all bent out of shape at finding out what the LT could never have known at the time?

In my Old Corps it would be considered mighty unhealthy to stand next to the CO. As the kids today say, "Just sayin', is all."

stay safe.