Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We're supposed to get enthusiastic for either one of these clowns?

So, to recap: Gingrich supports the individual mandate and he thinks other candidates don't show sufficient "concern" for the "humanity" of illegal immigrants, and we should get on board with this crazy train because he's the Hope of True Conservatism.

Former Senator Norm Coleman joined the Mitt Romney campaign in September, but hasn’t made an impact until now — and Romney may have wished he hadn’t. In an interview Sunday for BioCentury, a health-industry roundtable forum, Coleman said that ObamaCare won’t ever be repealed “in its entirety,” and that “you can’t whole cloth throw it out.” Truth telling, bad messaging, or both?

So: both these bastards have no problem with government control of health care, both have a history of being quite willing to trash the 2nd Amendment, and on, and on... And people of conservative/libertarian bent are supposed to go to the polls for either of them? Really?

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Glenn B said...

No we are supposed to get enthusiastic about Santorum however, for some reason unknown to me, it seems that the Republican Party membership is again going to select a RINO as its presidential candidate. Either Romney or Gingrich, both RINOS to the nth degree, likely will be the presidential candidate. Maybe, if only because of some miracle, Republicans will get there heads out of their asses and vote for the most conservative of the candidates - Santorum. The sad truth is though, most Republicans are almost as liberal as moderate Democrats and therefore they probably will go for either Romney or Gingrich in the upcoming primaries. I had hoped, that after McCain, they would have learned a lesson but it seems that the lesson has been lost as if bestowed upon rocks that vote.

All the best,
Glenn B