Monday, January 23, 2012

One of those vehicle maintenance things Link fixed

I wish I could say I'd thought of, but heard it from someone on a forum. Needed to change the transmission fluid, which on a manual you do by putting the fluid in the 'fill' hole in the side. There's several ways, but I tried using one of these, and it works quite well: stick the intake tube in the bottle, the output in the hole and start squeezing, switch to the next bottle when this one goes dry.

Right link this time; hate it when that happens


Irish said...

?Scratching head...?

A lighted keychain? You must be Macgyver!

( just kiddin..check your linky )

Windy Wilson said...

I remember using this once when a friend ran out of gas. It fell apart and fell apart. Glad yours worked when you needed it, I should probably buy one and test it before using it in earnest.

Firehand said...

The one I picked up is marked 'good for kerosene, not for corrosive liquids' so gas would probably make it dissolve. They do make similar things for gasoline, I've seen them at Harbor Freight and other places