Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Among the reasons the EffingBI gets very little respect

from so many: "Screw the dead people and lives destroyed, we have to protect Whitey!"

And this isn't the only case where the EffingBI did something similar; for instance
The FBI later used Barboza as a witness to frame four men for the 1965 murder of small-time criminal Edward "Teddy" Deegan. Two of those men died in prison, while the other two, Joseph Salvati and Peter Limone, have been released in recent years after spending more than 30 years in prison. Part of the reason they were framed, the report concluded, was to protect other FBI informants.
A bit more on that:
As TalkLeft noted in 2002, Joseph Salvati had good reason to sue the FBI. The nation's premier law enforcement agency encouraged false testimony against Salvati at his state court murder trial because it knew the murder had actually been committed by FBI informants. Protecting its informants became a higher FBI priority than protecting the liberty of innocent people.

In its defense of Salvati's lawsuit, the Justice Department attempted to convince District Court Judge Nancy Gertner that the FBI didn't know Salvati's accuser would commit perjury, and that even if it did it had no duty to disclose evidence of Salvati's innocence because Salvati was being prosecuted in a state court. As TalkLeft noted in 2007, Judge Gertner rejected those arguments and awarded $101.7 million to Salvati and three others who were wrongly convicted of the murder.

Salvati is still waiting to collect. He's 76 years old, living with his wife in a one bedroom apartment. They get by on Salvati's social security benefit and his wife's small pension. The FBI should have apologized and written a check years ago. Instead, the Justice Department continues to insist that the FBI did nothing wrong. [more ...]

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