Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Number One: Hey, Mr. Veep, you're just a politician,

which means hired help; so take your "Don't screw around with me" bullshit, fold it to eight corners, and shove it.

Arrogant jackass.

LinkDid I mention that clowns like him are all too often incompetent or corrupt hired help?

Speaking of corrupt hired help, Rep. Frank wants to play on both sides of the street. 'Course, he's used to that: if a R politician had helped a corporation avoid regulation and immediately after said politicians' significant other got a high-paying job at the corporation, Frank would have screamed bloody murder while demanding investigations and heads rolling; but when he did it with Fannie Mae, he dismissed it as "There was no conflict of interest, we were careful about that."

What? Algore lied? He and Bill Nye?

A while back I wrote about hearing Darryl Hannah displaying her mildewedgreen wisdom; my timing must be good, because I turned on the radio this afternoon and she was doing it again. Not only is the woman a fool, she's rude as hell; every time Hannity tried to point out that some claim she'd made was a load of crap she'd start talking over him and just would not stop.

Speaking of corrupt, lying, dirtbag politicians, here's another fine example from Biden; just like Obama, he's not responsible for anything, it's all the fault of the evil Bush.

A: Socialists do tend to hang together. B: When you're making the Nazi Party happy, you're doing something very wrong. C: Apparently nazis don't know the difference between 'Taylor' and 'tailor'. Maybe all that goose-stepping jars their brain cells or something.

The Greek parasites are trying once more to burn the place down.

There's supposed to be a fair chance of frost tonight, and I've put the flannel sheets on the bed. 'Night, all

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