Friday, October 21, 2011

Ever heard the name Jay Dobyns?

He was another guy at ATF who actually did cop stuff and got screwed over for it. Damn near got a dead family. I'd read some of this before, but the stuff this article covers about Newell(one of the Gunwalker bigshots and a lead candidate for perjury charges) is- well, 'shocking' doesn't even begin to cover it. 'Disgusting', 'unprofessional', 'criminal' are in there for sure.

If ATF had taken steps to hold Newell, Gillett, McMahon and others responsible for their irresponsible actions surrounding the Dobyns case, Fast and Furious wouldn’t have happened, but because ATF openly rewards bad behavior and corruption, Fast and Furious was utterly predictable. ATF executive leadership left these people in place to rule in this agency. They left management in the ATF Phoenix Field Office in place despite documentation showing they were incompetent.
Well, 'incompetence' is in there, too. I think a big chunk of this is that BATFEIEIO spent, well, decades breaking laws, screwing people over, committing acts that would've put Joe or Jane Citizen in prison and getting away with it because doing these things suited a lot of powerful politicians who didn't like the peasants having arms. So if anyone had actually held the brass responsible for this crap, and fired and prosecuted them, and put REAL law-enforcement types in- you know, the kind who actually believe that the law is for everyone and that corrupt cops are disgusting- it would've put a real crimp in the kitten-stomping civil-rights-violating activities that made people like Swimmer Kennedy and Schumer & Co. so happy.

Give that toxic mix a few decades and you have bastards like Newell working with DoJ and DEA and FBI and whever-the-hell else willing to run guns to Mexico and get God-only-knows how many people killed, how much misery caused, in the name of helping more corrupt politicians push their agenda.

Things like this are why I'd like to see a roofing trailer and a stack of pillows set upwind of any gathering of policians: just maybe the smell of tar, maybe the sight of a drum of rope next to the pillows, might give them the idea that they've way overstayed their welcome and really need to go away.

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