Friday, September 02, 2011

I'll start this with another MSNBC idiot who thinks it's racism

behind not bending over for Obama.

LinkMore on Californicated from VDH:
The UC and CSU systems in outward appearance haven’t changed that much in half a century, but no college president in either current system would bet his life that today’s random graduates of his campus could match exit test scores in math or English of their 1960s random counterparts (so much for all those cutting-edge new classes and brilliantly conceived “centers”). The effort to open the new problematic UC campus in Merced did not quite follow the long ago exemplar of Irvine or Santa Cruz: our forefathers simply built massive new campuses next to resort cities; we in contrast sue and file impact statements over starting on empty isolated ground. Half of incoming freshmen at CSU today require remediation; about half graduate in six years. Pick up an old catalog from the library and compare the course listings — and the reason why jumps off the pages.
Of course, the 'education' crap behind this has migrated all over the damn place, so we've all got some level of this problem.

So with all this 'Federal Family' crap, they're admitting they're Big Brother and Big Sister?
Really? So if I ever choose to fly again, I shouldn’t worry about being probed by some degenerate government thug, I should just think of it like a visit to Uncle Pervy’s secret closet?

Long ago, I read something somewhere — don’t know whether it’s true. I read that Edward R. Murrow had a sign in his London office, saying, “It is more important to win the war than to report on it.”
Until the elites figure that out, they will be nothing more than useful idiots.

In one of S.M. Stirling's Draka novels, one of the Draka tells a nun from a recently conquered part of Europe that the reason they let the muslims keep their holy Koran was because it had been suitably altered so they'd have the proper attitude toward their masters; wouldn't surprise me if the Chinese did attempt something of the kind.

Yeah, all cops are professionals who can be trusted with firearms, but we can't...

Supposed to be a front coming in tomorrow night; I'll wait & see.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Edward R. Murrow put his political goals ahead of his professional objectivity.

As it happens, his goal in that case was one you and I can agree with.

But it's the same attitude the media has now. It just looks different because 1945 was the last time an American journalist was biased in favor of America.

Firehand said...

I'd disagree; I'd say he thought exactly what was written: that winning the war was far more important than reporting something that might endanger that goal.

Of course, if you consider 'defeating the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese' to be his political goal, you'd be right. I could wish a lot more 'journalists' today had the same outlook.