Sunday, August 28, 2011

My, Nanny Bloomberg is a real PITA who hangs around with

nasty people, isn't he?
The police chief and borough manager in Dormont are accusing the mayor of ticket fixing.

It turns out the mayor has dismissed thousands of tickets over the years and now the Allegheny County District Attorney is getting involved.
As Sebastian notes, we should not forget all the other criminals involved in Bloomberg's "We Don't Like Peasants Owning Guns" group

The Newscaster were taking calls in between interviews with authorities and assorted End Of The World advice. One particular caller had already lost electrical power and was getting her light out of a candle. The words that came out of the mouth of the female newscaster floored me:
The Mayor doe not like candles!
Well, neither does he like salt or fat(except on HIS food). Or guns(unless it's his minions or bodyguards or the wealthy and/or connected who have them).


djmoore said...

Let's see, when it comes to the upcoming 9/11 memorial:

He does not like clergy.

He does not like firefighters.

He does not like cops.

So here's the plan:

Every single New Yorker who doesn't give bloody shit from a diseased rat's ass what Hizzoner likes shows up with candles. Daylight or night, candles everywhere you look.

And of course, priests, firefighters, EMTs, and cops, all in uniform. All carrying candles.

Firehand said...

And, for those denominations/religions that use it, take turns singing/playing their music of worship.

Suitably amplified.