Sunday, August 28, 2011

The proper response from the judge should probably have been

"Bailiff, kick these people twice around the room and throw them out for bringing such idiocy into the court." Properly appended to the decision should be "And for being such whiny little bastards."
Raised in a $1.5 million Barrington Hills, Ill., home by their attorney father, two grown children have spent the last two years pursuing a unique lawsuit against their mom for "bad mothering" that alleges damages caused when she failed to buy toys for one and sent another a birthday card he didn’t like.

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Windy Wilson said...

So, call me Kreskin, but I predict that there is a divorce action pending between the alleged bad mother and the attorney father who apparently has these two grown children solidly in his camp for the divorce.

Why is this not a Rule 20 (IIRC that's the federal rule) or the appropriate state rule sanction? If this goes to appeal this could become the poster child for "frivolous law suit".