Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the continuing low-level hostilities between the Army,

Marines and Navy...

I know I posted on Al Gore getting, ah, 'overly excited' a few days back, but I just ran across a place I'd not seen before where his screaming is taken apart, bit by bit.

Just in case you didn't know, Al Sharpton is a lying, racist, Jew-hating piece of shit.

Mark Steyn takes on Bill Clinton, Obama on the idiocy that's grown to surround the Oval Office placeholder and some of the idiotic overreach and lack of thought by many federal agencies and employees:
“I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can.”

This will be grand news to Schylar Capo, eleven years old, of Virginia, who made the mistake of rescuing a woodpecker from the jaws of a cat and nursing him back to health for a couple of days, and for her pains, was visited by a federal Fish & Wildlife gauleiter (with accompanying state troopers) who charged her with illegal transportation of a protected species and issued her a $535 fine. If the federal child-abuser has that much time on his hands, he should have charged the cat, who was illegally transporting the protected species from his gullet to his intestine

Something on Gunwalker and the socialists in our government:
And it is here that we return to the fundamental inalienable right: the right to self-defense. Those who acknowledge no such right also universally oppose the implementation of that right or the means by which it might be implemented. In short, they do not recognize the Second Amendment and oppose private ownership of firearms. The only legitimate use of force they recognize is that of the state, and that wielded by groups of “the people” acting in support of their policies, groups who will fill campaign coffers or at least reliably vote for them, groups such as unions or even criminals.

The anti-gun beliefs of Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder are well-known and extensively documented. And as Hans A. von Spakovsky and J. Christian Adams have recently documented, the Holder DOJ is feverishly working to pack the Justice Department with lawyers who certainly share their beliefs in this and every other transformational socialist endeavor.

The lives of the individuals harmed by Gunwalker mean nothing to statists, for they recognize no right to self-defense, inalienable or man-bestowed. If they recognize no such right, each human life has only that value the state is willing to recognize at any given moment. The lives of the Mexican law enforcement officers and civilians are worth nothing to the Obama administration, which hid Gunwalker not only from Mexican authorities but from ATF agents in Mexico.

And now the Obama administration has revealed its assessment of the value of the life of a Border Patrol officer: Zero. Agent Terry is of no value, for the crime was committed not against him, but the state, which in its wisdom and mercy is far more concerned with protecting feckless bureaucrats and politicians than American citizens.
Think that's a bit strong? Remember the words of ATF supervisor Voth: "If you are going to make an omelet, you need to scramble some eggs." And eggs are cheap, of little value.

On the subject of critters, some people just want to die.

What? Actual scientists who don't go with the 'consensus' on AGW? Wow!

The other day I posted that question on Facebook:
"If you think you have a right to force me to pay for your health care, then why don't you have a right to force me to pick your cotton?"
Couple of people brought up roads, informed me that gov-controlled healthcare is 'moral and good', etc., but they did not even try to answer the question. It's like they don't like giving the answer or something...


NavyOne said...

Shipmate, thanks for the linkage!

Windy Wilson said...

But cotton-picking is next year, Auxiliary obligatory voluntary assistance in kind for natural disaster relief.