Saturday, August 27, 2011

I noted, in a post a couple of weeks ago, a moron named Phillips

who seems to think the tea party here is the same as the thugs rioting, burning, thieving and murdering in England. I said he was a moron in order to keep the language polite.

I just got a comment on it from someone claiming to be the moron Phillips. Among other things he can't spell('Wendy' is not the same as 'Windy', idiot), and apparently lacks the brain cells to figure why Windy might name him the Moron Phillips(no, I don't think anyone would or could mistake you for a Mormon). It included a threat(maybe promise from his point of view) that the anarchists 'will be coming out from the shadows to liberate you very soon indeed'.

Slight problem with that: this ain't England, we have the right of self-defense, we have the right to arms, and we don't consider a bunch of idiot thugs burning and raping and murdering to be 'liberating'. In fact, there are an awful lot of people who'd consider such a situation to be a target-rich environment.

A bunch of progressive/commie/Democrat politicians and PC morons might make excuses for you; the rest of us won't. We'll call you what you are, and if you attack us, our homes, we'll defend ourselves. And(outside of places like PROM) we'll not fear our government for having done so. So piss off.


PISSED said...

The problem is that the TEA party is portrayed that way. Which is why others that watch only the libe slanted media are just regugitating the talking points. T.E.A taxed enough already... why is that such a hard concept for people to understand?

Windy Wilson said...

He should be more careful spelling. I doubt Wendy Wilson (the daughter of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys) holds my political views, so doing anything uncivilized towards her is not only undeserved, but likely, given the celebrity status of someone late of Wilson Phillips (what a coincidence there!), to result in a lot more police attention than OUR Moron Phillips is likely to be able to handle.