Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, there was a Taser involved,

but I don't think you can blame it for the death.
As paramedics were transporting the man to the hospital, they discovered a baggie with a foreign substance inside lodged in his throat. 37 year old Montaleto McKissick was pronounced dead at Presbyterian Hospital. "I really don't want to speculate on what it was. We'll know that soon enough and hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll be able to tell you guys with some certainty what that was. But I do know that there was certainly a plastic baggie that contained a substance that was blocking this person's airway," said Stewart.

I do have to wonder, was the substance foreign to the baggie, or... I know, I'm weird, tell me something I don't know.


Chalkie said...

Well, it could have been worse. He could have been
this guy.

Firehand said...

Damn, I'd forgotten about that!