Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now THAT'S a commercial!

More over at BRM


PISSED said...

Thats a good one!! :)

Mattexian said...

That's pretty funny, for sure! I saw the series of vids from UK's TopGear show, where they took an old Hilux and abused it beyond belief (drowned it in seawater, drove it thru a small building, smacked it around with a wrecking ball, setting it ON FIRE, and dropped it from the top of a demolished building), and they managed to keep it running with just a basic set of wrenches and WD-40, never needing replacement parts. Here's the link for that. Makes me feel bad for the '07 Tacoma that the insurance totaled out after I smashed the front end up completely after skidding on ice into a concrete retaining wall two Decembers ago, that we could have rescued it better.