Wednesday, June 08, 2011

So is Hazel Dukes just plain effing stupid,

or has she been protected so long she thinks she can say and do anything?
Dukes made the stunning attack in response to a Hispanic woman who wrote a heartfelt letter urging the civil-rights leader to pull the NAACP out of a lawsuit aimed at blocking the expansion or co-location of 19 charters in city school buildings.

"If you and the NAACP continue on this horrible lawsuit against my daughter's school and the fellow 18 charter schools," Janette Ramos said, "it will not be the best legacy to leave behind."But hey, why listen to the urgent pleas of parents when you can sink into the gutter so casually?
Dukes issued a terse response.

"You are not a member of the NAACP and don't understand that you are doing the business of slave masters," Dukes said in a June 1 response.
Charters school as tools of slave masters. Yeah. Sure.


Windy Wilson said...

And without more, her response is base ad hominem against a mother seeking the best for her children, calling her in effect, an "Uncle Tom".
"You are not a member of the NAACP".
Is Dukes claiming secret knowledge because she is a member? Or is she saying that because the mother is not a member then she should butt out of this fight over the curriculum her daughter will be learning to build her life?

Firehand said...

Considering the attitude I'd say it's a combination:
"YOU are not black,
so YOU cannot understand,
so YOU are a slave."