Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My only mention of Weiner

A: He admitted to repeatedly lying. To everybody. Considering his past, this was a surprise?
B:Let's put it this way: Any offenses that result in a press conference in which a member of Congress can relevantly be asked "Were you fully erect?" are offenses that disqualify that congressman from public service.

It's that simple.Link
"My constituents have to make the determination," he said.

Which is technically true.

But if Tony Weiner had a shred of personal honor, he'd relieve them of that responsibility.
Personal honor? To borrow from Blinky Pelosi, are you kidding?
C: I heard part of the confession/apology/now leave me alone conference yesterday; Weiner is even more of a slimy bastard than I'd thought. Damn.
D: When ABC is playing "We're sorry we didn't actually act like reporters, but he lied to us!" and that absolute clown Behar is telling Barbara Walters she's acting like an idiot, you know these people realize they went WAY over the line into coverup-for-our-friends.

Weiner doesn't have any real sense of honor; the only way he'll resign is if the pressure on him- from voters in his district and/or other democrats- gets heavy enough. We'll see.

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Roger said...

Sadly, you are far too accurate.
weiner is a liar, flat out liar.
He lied to his wife, he lied to the press, he lied to anyone that would listen to him. He lied by attempting to shift blame to conservatives.
The only time he began to tell (as little of) the truth (as possible) is when he realized that the truth was coming out all over and from many people. Then and only then did he decide to "come clean"
He is a political sleaze and should be thrown out of office in disgrace. Personally I would prefer a rail, some tar, some feathers and a handful of fed up citizens to "help" him out of washington.