Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ref the Guerena killing

I was looking at Ayoobs' column at Backwoods where he goes over the video, and I've got to throw something in:
I've worked 12-hour shifts(though not in a place as strenuous as a copper mine). When I'd get home I'd want to maybe eat a bite, clean up and go to bed. Where I'd lay down and pass out. And I've got news for Mr. Ayoob: I would probably have slept through that 'high-decibel siren wail that lasted for several seconds'; if it DID wake me up, I'd have been half-conscious wondering when that asshole would shut his car alarm off.

I've had people knock on the front door and I never heard it; other times I did but had no idea what it was, if it was an actual noise or something from a dream, I'd never have heard some guy saying 'Police' outside.

One other thing: some cop blog, a couple of years ago, had a thread on a effed-up SWAT raid and a couple of the cops were bitching because the guys behind the lead hadn't thrown down covering fire. My response was "Believe it or not, you are NOT in Easy Company in Kraut territory; 'covering' or 'suppressing' fire is NOT supposed to be a law enforcement technique." I have to wonder if the number of shots fired might not be only some guys panicking, but if one or two of them might have thought 'covering fire' was a good idea? If so, the training of this team was execrable beyond what we already thought.

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Phelps said...

I think that outside of a war zone covering fire is better known as "capital murder".