Friday, June 10, 2011

So the kitties are spreading out again

There has been a wild animal alert issued in the northern suburbs. A mountain lion, yes, a mountain lion, is on the loose, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young.
In Greenwich, CT.
Greenwich Conservation director Denise Savageau said that if anyone happens upon a suspected mountain lion, they should, “Act large, stand up tall, wave your arms and make noises. Don’t freeze. You don’t want to act like a bunny.”

By doing so, the animal more than likely will not view a human as prey, Savageau said.
"Hey, Clyde, they make it easy, don't they? They actually show us where they are!"

'Suspected mountain lion'. Snerk. The possibilities are endless.


BobG said...

We get them down here in down all the time. They usually get chased around neighborhoods by kids and dogs until they hole up in someone's garage and are rescued by the animal people. They're not much of a danger unless you run from them, that's why they're always nailing California joggers.

Firehand said...

Someone once had a rundown of the similarities between the leopard and puma, and wondered why our local cats don't whack people on the level of leopards? Roughly same size, strengh, speed, armament; his conclusion was that for some reason the North American cats just don't have the same 'see humans as just another big monkey'-type attitude about humans.

Which is really a good thing.

Keith said...

There are tales of "big cats" in parts of britain, perhaps released before they had to be licensed.

Strange thing, but reported sightings are usually related to overindulgence in certain substances...