Sunday, April 24, 2011

I don't know, from reading this, if McCain is trying to give cover

for Obama in another 'run across the aisle' moment, or if he's losing his mind.

The other NATO countries are out of/short of guided munitions, the President says Qadaffty has to go but won't actually try to MAKE him go, let alone actually order the AF or Navy to take him out... I think you can do it with airpower and sufficiently trained and equipped liberation forces only works if A: you are willing to throw ENOUGH airpower into it and B: you have the liberation forces needed. And the opposition appears to be a bunch of people who'll shoot their rockets randomly in Deity-knows-which direction as the mood strikes and half of them are running around with guns and no ammo or magazines or both.

Which makes me wonder if McCain is laying some kind of groundwork for American advisors being sent to Libya?

Insty keeps saying "The country is in the Very Best of Hands." God help us.


Anonymous said...

Once a rino suck-up, always a rino suck-up.

Gerry N. said...

I've got a friend, a US Citizen of Syrian extraction and a Muslim. He says the big problem for the rebels in Syria as in all Muslim countries is that nearly all the fighters are peasants with the mechanical upbringing and aptitude of two year olds. A screwdriver is a mysterious and magical thing to them, a flashlight is a thing of wonder. A rifle, especially a full auto like an AK47 is magic pure and simple, there is no other possible explanation, it's the sound that causes death and injury so they fire randomly during conflicts and consider rounds fired into the air next week to be as effective as rounds fired AT enemies now. They do not lack for personal courage, and are not stupid. They are ignorant. Period. Their religious and government leaders (One and the same) want them that way so they are not so dangerous to them and are more easily controlled.

Firehand said...

I can't remember where read it, a post on US military advisors working in muslim nations, and that was one of their biggest problems: almost everyone, including all officers, worked almost as hard preventing their troops from learning to do things themselves as they did doing their actual jobs. The specifically mentioned a tank officer taking all the manuals away from his crews so he'd be the only one who knew how to pull maintenance.

No way to run a railroad, boys.