Thursday, April 28, 2011

"TSA: We're Feeling You Up

For Your Own Good"
In the video below, the former beauty queen who held the Miss America title in 2003, Susie Castillo, says a TSA “screener” fondled her vagina during an intrusive pat-down.

Ms. Castillo was subjected to the groping after she refused to enter a naked body scanner at the airport in Dallas, Texas
And if you look like you don't like what they're doing they'll single you out for 'special attention'. And if you complain, you'll go on their list I'd imagine, for daring to cause them problems.

Oh great; even MORE terrorism prosecutions Holder's DOJ dropped. These clowns are so busy sucking up for votes and pats on the head they don't care if they get people killed. Of course, Gunwalker has shown us that that's fairly widespread.

Yeah, that is the character he'd like, isn't it?

A group of rowdy students took over a Tucson school board meeting Tuesday night, chaining themselves together to protest a change to a Mexican-American studies class, reported.

The governing board of the Tucson Unified School District was supposed to consider a plan that would make a class teaching history from a Mexican-American perspective an elective, instead of a required course.
"No, EVERYBODY should be forced to take this course!" Screw you, you hyphenated clowns.

More of the Tuscaloosa tornado

I would like someone to have asked Bernanke if he'd been grocery shopping lately; if so how the hell could he say something like this:
In his first regular news conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the central bank was continuing its stimulus policy because it was projecting slower growth in the economy with only a modest uptick in inflation.
Really? Is he getting his food- oh, that's right, he has people to do that for him, so he doesn't have to be around the commoners and hear their complaints.

And South Carolina tells Amazon "We don't need those jobs, so go away." And they will. And I have serious doubts about 'tea party' activists wanting Amazon to go away, since such folks are generally people who want jobs available.

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