Saturday, April 30, 2011

I may have to change this to "The place were Great Britain committed suicide"

When she dialled 999 she expected the full weight of the law to be on her side.

Instead, however, police officers criticised her for inflaming the situation and confiscated her legally held shotguns – even though they had been locked away in a cabinet at home throughout the incident.
Think that sound bad enough?
Think again.
On Easter Monday she was at a dog show when she received a call from Colchester councillor Gerard Oxford, whom she had contacted for advice, and was told police wanted to confiscate her two shotguns.

She refused to start the two-hour journey home immediately and officers began turning up at the farmhouse ‘every couple of hours’ in an attempt to seize the legally held shotguns.

At 3.15am yesterday armed officers appeared and demanded the firearms otherwise they would ‘pull the cabinet from the wall’.

Left with no choice, Miss St Clair Pearce told her brother where she kept the key and he handed the weapons over.

Officers returned later yesterday and confiscated her gun licence to ‘prevent me buying another shotgun’

You want to know what a bunch of sorry asshole bastards the police have become in (fG)Britain?
Essex police confirmed they had not yet arrested anyone in connection with the incident.

A spokesman said: ‘Officers became concerned at the behaviour of a woman and laid information before magistrates accordingly.

‘They were given powers to seize guns in her possession and have done so as a sensible precaution in the circumstances.’
'Concerned' with HER behavior. Seized her private property as a 'sensible precaution'. Probably so if the travellers come back to kill her she can't hurt them.

I really don't have proper language skills to properly describe the sorry excuses for lawmen involved in this shit.


sykes.1 said...

At least they didn't beat her senseless. Did you see the video of the New Orleans police putting a beat-down on an elderly white woman who simply showed them a revolver. The two cops were each well over 6 ft tall and must have weighed 220lbs. The elderly woman could not have been more than 5 ft 2 in and 90 lbs.

Cops everywhere constitute a violent criminal gang. Law "enforcement" is largely turf wars between gangs.

sykes.1 said...

PS. Here's the video, about 1 min 30 sec in:

Note how the CNN reporter lies about the take down.