Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey, NAACP dumbass: we can't comment on it

if we've never heard about it, you ever consider that?
In 2005, John McNeil rushed to the aid of his son who had been threatened in the family's backyard by Brian Epp with a knife. When McNeil arrived on the scene, Epp charged toward him. McNeil pulled his gun and fired a warning shot into the ground. But Epp kept coming until McNeil ended the situation with a single shot to the head. In 2006, McNeil was convicted of felony murder despite a police investigation that found the shooting to be self defense, eye witness testimony backing up that claim, and character witnesses testifying to the ill-temper of Epp.
To the NAACP: whether you believe me or not, fact is we don't give a rats ass what color his skin is; we do care that this appears to be a really nasty case of someone being wrongly convicted of a crime. And if we'd known about it before, we'd have yelled about it before.


Mattexian said...

One of the commentors at Says Uncle raised an interesting point, according to the case report, that the dead guy had his "threatening" knife, folded and still clipped in his pocket, when the coroner examined him. So maybe we should wait and see what else comes up, like the initial alleged "tea party" ties of the Tuscon shooter.

Firehand said...

Yeah, that's questionable(to say the least); We're not talking about, say Alabama in 1950 here. It's the "Oh WHY isn't the gun rights community talking about this?" crap that got to me.