Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Remember the 'probes' that cleared the CRU & Co.

on the Climaquiddick e-mails? Seems a lot of people have problems with the probes; I wonder why...
They criticised the brevity of the appraisal panel report, at “a mere five pages”, and said both investigations should have been more open to the public.

The committee also said the emails review “did not fully investigate the serious allegation” relating to the deletion of emails and instead relied on a verbal reassurance that the messages still exist.

Though the committee was split over the credibility of the inquiries, an amendment put forward by Labour MP Graham Stringer which said that they had not been independent was voted down by members.

He said Lord Oxburgh appeared to have a “conflict of interest” because of his links to green businesses while the Emails Review panel included a former Climate Research Unit scientist
Who do these people think they are, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?

The NYEffin'Times cooks the numbers to get what they want you to believe. Anybody surprised by this needs a rest.
New York Times readers, however, ought to hesitate before scurrying to speed-dial their Congress reptiles and demand an end to this preventable epidemic of gun ownership. To begin with, that repeated phrase "9 out of 10" has a euphonious ring, but Blow's data is simply inaccurate. I was unable to find any U.S. homicide statistics in the source cited, the United Nations Small Arms Survey, which for the most part discusses the proliferation of guns in places like Timor and Yemen. According to the Department of Justice, the percentage of homicides for guns in the U.S since 1977 has risen slightly from 62% to 68% -- less than seven out of ten, not nine out of ten.

More importantly, although these figures may be interesting for certain analyses, they don't tell us much about societal violence. Incredibly, Blow never addresses the obvious relevant figure: the overall homicide rate. He is able to claim that the U.S. is in "a league of its own," with a country sphere at the top of the chart, only by basing his analysis on an irrelevant statistic -- "percent of homicides by firearms." A homicide is a homicide, whether it's done with a Glock or a garden hose
Yes, but if you actually go by the overall number, the US is shown to be a lot safer than these people want you to know. Including a lot safer than places with the kind of personal disarmament laws the NYE'Times pushes.

Remember Barney Frank(Corrupt Jerk-MA) and the other National Socialist Democrats denying Fannie and Freddie needed any new rules because things were just wonderful under Raines & Co.?
Freddie’s problems arose in 2003 when it disclosed that it had understated its income from 2000 to 2002; the company revised its results by an additional $5 billion. In 2004, Fannie was found to have overstated its results for the preceding six years; conceding that its accounting was improper, it reduced its past earnings by $6.3 billion.

Mr. Raines retired in December 2004 and Mr. Howard resigned at the same time. Ms. Spencer left her position as controller in early 2005. The following year, the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, then the company’s regulator, published an in-depth report on the company’s accounting practices, accusing Fannie’s top executives of taking actions to manipulate profits and generate $115 million in improper bonuses

One more "Taxes need to be raised!(on other people)" celebrity:
Consider what Baldwin wrote in the Huffington Post four years ago in a piece he titled Tax Cuts and the Republican Legacy:
These tax cuts are not only to make Bush's wealthiest supporters richer, they are intended to hurt less powerful Americans by killing many of the social programs they depend on. That is the legacy of this Republican-controlled Congress. To hurt those who aren't wealthy enough to write Bush-Cheney a big check. I urge all Americans to keep that in mind during this election cycle. A Republican-controlled Congress is killing important social programs that we all depend on, so that Bush's friends can avoid paying a reasonable share of their taxes. ....
So, according to the News, Baldwin might be claiming residency in the Hamptons to evade New York City taxes. But four years ago, the "30 Rock" star encouraged people to give generously to Democrats in the midterm elections so that Republicans could be ousted from Congress and taxes raised
As I recall, Baldwin was the jerk who went on a national show during the Clinton impeachment and said that in a proper country one of the people in charge of the impeachment AND HIS FAMILY would be dragged into the street and stoned to death.

Gee, so those nasty Israelis aren't actually the big obstacle to peace? Whoda thunk it.

Having had an actual nights sleep, I now have to go out and do some shopping, thus preventing the Security Staff from biting me for running out of their rations. Back later.


Windy Wilson said...

Do we have any money to do a study of the last 60 years of homicide by Garden Hose?
Perhaps that would be too small a sample, but certainly homicide by knife would yield a significant universe of data points for some kind of analysis and conclusion.
As you say, the significant number is the total homicides, not merely ones using a particular instrument.
What about homicides by prescription drug prescribed by Dr.s? Perhaps there needs to be some reasonable regulation of doctors who have a lot of power here.
But, preaching to the choir, . . .
I gotta do that knife analysis.

Keith said...

I guess that to a hoplophobe it is preferable to be bludgeoned,poisoned, stabbed, strangled, beheaded, hung....

here's homicide rate by nation, and if you click on the US icon at the bottom, it will give the breakdown by state:


There are countries with 6 times the homicide rate of the US and strict gun controls to boot.