Friday, January 28, 2011

Sounds like the Atlanta PD still needs to perform

some serious housecleaning.
One of the men said members of the Red Dog unit pulled over his vehicle and forced him to pull down his pants on the side of the road in broad daylight, as officers conducted a search for drugs. No drugs were ever found, passenger Brian Kidd said.

Kidd told Philips that his roommate, Shawn Venegas, was also subjected to a body cavity search that left him feeling uncomfortable.

"One of the officers actually stuck his hand down into Shawn Venegas' pants," said attorney Mark Bullman.

Kidd said it was too much for him to bear.
Just to be pedantic, putting his hand down your pants isn't a cavity search; idiotic thing to do, sounds like a real violation(in more ways than one), but if it didn't involve digits and internals, it wasn't a cavity search.

As to the serious housecleaning,
Two of the three officers involved in the stop were also named in the infamous Atlanta Eagle bar raid that the city recently settled. Co-counsel on the traffic stop case, Dan Grossman, was the lead attorney in the Atlanta Eagle case.

“I’ve heard many stories from citizens who were stripped in public by Red Dog,” Grossman said
Then why the hell are they still doing this? It's already cost the taxpayers to settle the previous case, and these idiots apparently didn't get the message that this isn't acceptable behavior?

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gary51felix said...

Obviously, these guys want to get fired so they can sue so why don't the PD offer early retirement? Is there money problems too?