Thursday, January 27, 2011

On the subject of the Chinese deliberately insulting the US

at a US State Dinner, does anyone actually believe this wasn't planned? Something along the lines of "You will play this song. If anyone does know what it is, and the President protests, here are the excuses and apologies, but I am wagering not one of them will have any idea."

And it wouldn't surprise me to find that there was a line somewhere about "Perhaps Mr./Ms. X will know, but I believe they will work with us."

Like Insty says, the country is in the very best of hands.


Roger said...

They had no idea. They have no idea. They are the worst bunch of incompetent clowns that have ever dishonored our country.
Tar, Feathers, Rail, the correct response the those incompetent fools.

Last Chance Safari Company said...

sad, but in everything that he does, there is the flourish and very self-satisfied demeanor as if this troupe had accomplished some meaningful thing. If you read his speach it is more ludicrous than when you listen to it.