Friday, November 12, 2010

I have to start this with a very fine "Because we can!"

The team crafted the aeroplane from sheets and straws of paper, fitted it with a camera and attached it to a helium weather balloon to lift it into the atmosphere.

After drifting 17 miles into space, the balloon exploded, allowing the 3ft wingspan aircraft to soar back to earth while taking pictures of its descent
That's just bloody wonderful.

It should be remembered that not only did the palisimians stage the death of Mohammed Al Dura, but an awful lot of the major media not only went along with it but was actively hostile to the truth being found out.

Proof that being in college doesn't mean you understand a damn thing:
‘The majority is a completely non-violent protest. I’m not really worried about violence against property or objects, smashing buildings is completely fine, it’s a great image of our anger. I’ve got no problem with that at all as long as nobody gets hurt.’
Well, Miss King's College student, you're a fucking moron. I realize I'm not considered in your intellectual league(thank God), but consider this:
Every window you break, every bit of damage to those buildings, somebody has to pay for. That's money out of their pockets- if it's a government building it's money out of every taxpayer's pocket- to repair it. You don't consider that hurting somebody? Then you're far too stupid to be out in public without a keeper to prevent you running into traffic.

And I've got news for you rioting idiots: there is No Such Thing As A Free Education; it has to be paid for by SOMEBODY, and you've just decided that somebody else should be taxed further to death to pay your way. Screw you.

And that ends my views on the world for this morning

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Sigivald said...

Smashing property is non-violent and okay?

Well, all right. Where's he live, exactly?

I'm sure his mind wouldn't change when it was his property being smashed, naturally.