Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monster Hunter description of the election

Yesterday I got to watch the President of the United States say that the reason most of the country is mad about the Healthcare Bill is because we didn’t get it… That if he could only, somehow, explain it better then we’d suddenly be content and not want it repealed. But alas, we’re just too stupid to comprehend the greatness.

No. If anybody doesn’t get it, it is you, Mr. President. We do understand it, and it is stupid, awful, bloated, expensive, fat, ugly, and smells funny. We do not like it, want it, or need it explained better; all we want is for it to go away. It is like you walked up and hit us in the face with a stick.

AMERICA: “The vast majority of us do not want to be hit in the face with a stick.”

DEMOCRATS: “Too bad. You will learn to like it.” WHACK

AMERICA: “Please stop hitting us in the face with that stick.”

DEMOCRATS: WHACK “No. It is really good for you.” WHACK.

AMERICA: “But it sucks and is painful.”

DEMOCRATS: WHACK. “I do not understand. Maybe I need to explain better.” JABS OUT OUR EYE “How about now?”

AMERICA: Drags Nancy Pelosi behind the woodshed and brains her with a shovel. “You feeling me now, assholes?”

DEMOCRATS: Looks at stick. Pouts. “But we were having so much fun!”

FDX then pointed out that there were good things in the healthcare bill that everyone could agree on, like insurance companies not suddenly dropping people, or laws to address those with preexisting conditions, or doctors not randomly cutting patient’s feet off for profit… Yes. There are good things in the Healthcare Bill, but that’s like saying that there is delicious frosting on a giant cake made out of shit.

I do not care if it is the most bestest frosting in the world EVAR, it is a shit cake. Most American’s do not like to be fed shit cake. (Except for California, which just went back for seconds).

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Toaster 802 said...

Except for California, which just went back for seconds...

Don't forget Vermont, which did also. But what can you expect when the largest employer is the state, the second largest is liberal collages, and the third is a union shop. As you put it, socialist Crap weasels all...

Ugh. But like the Green Mountain boys, we fight on against the hippie invasion, against great odds...