Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last few years this day has taken on a more personal meaning

I've got/had other family who served in the military, but son is the first immediate I've had.

Need to give him a call this evening, and ought to mention that he's one of the people this day is about.


James R. Rummel said...

Let him know that there are a few other people besides his Dad that are thankful for his service.

Noddy said...

He knows. We had a long talk last night while he was walking his new dog, and he told me his plans for today included getting with a buddy who needs more bike time and riding out to other cities to eat their way through the day on the free meals soldiers get. He wanted to go off to cities far enough away from base that they A) wouldn't be crowded with other soldiers and B) would be extra kind because there'd be so few soldiers around.

Your son knows how to get the most out of being appreciated. My son is generous enough to do it with a soldier who needs a little help. That they are the same young man is a boon to our country.