Monday, November 08, 2010

Due to the election there's a lot out there to look at,

and having a few minutes free I found these:
Where Great Britain used to be:
Army cadets have been left ‘bitterly disappointed’ after being banned from carrying rifles on a Remembrance Day parade - amid fears the weapons might 'upset' onlookers.

Looks like the Evil Party members are getting nervous about trying to shove stuff through in that lame duck session. I do believe the election and some of the feedback from voters has had an effect.

How Japete & Co. play games with numbers to make it look like family members are whacking each other left & right.

Obama and a Prime Minister... Nope. HELL no. Think again, Kerrey. Get the feeling they're actually looking for a way to make Obama cause fewer problems for the Evil Party? I mean, take a look at this; floating an idea to see if it stays up, or political BS?

When Indian officials refused to back down, Gibbs intervened, announcing on the steps of the Hyderabad House, the main venue at the Indian equivalent of Camp David, that he would pull Obama out of his bilateral meeting with Singh unless “the White House 8” were allowed inside.
WTF? The PRESS SECRETARY is going to yank the President out of a meeting? Sound like Gibbs is getting more than a bit over his head?

Speaking of over his head and effing stupid,
San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar speaks in more grandiose terms. He said the Happy Meal ordinance addresses "a survival issue," and proclaimed, "We're part of a movement that is moving forward an agenda of food justice." Food justice?

And that's enough for now, dinner calls.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks for the link. They do mess with the numbers to make it seem like family is doing the killing. Tomorrow my post compares the percentage of "Stranger" and "unknown" killers. Added together, it's over 50%

Firehand said...

At the old job got to see a lot of crime data over time, some of which led to finding out what the 'crimes between acquaintances' as it was labeled actually meant: a taxi driver killed by a passenger, one gang banger killing another, basically being killed by anyone you had ANY connection with fit into that category. Which, at the time, included family members, business partners & coworkers, etc.

Really ticked some people off when I pointed that out, blew their "You'll kill your wife/girlfriend/husband/etc.!" argument all to hell.

Windy Wilson said...

But your wife or girlfriend who goes all psychotic when you contradict her might shoot you.

As to all the new flavors of justice, remember, in addition to "social justice" and "health justice", and now "food justice", there is "drink justice", "drug justice", and the easily forgotten "safety and security justice", which Heller and other recent decisions are ensuring is not forgotten.

I think when the President returns from Southeast Asia we'll see Gibbs resign to spend more time with his family and pursue interests he was unable to as White House Press Secretary.