Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Two things: first, a new phrase just heard from Mark Steyn:

Emirs of Incumbistan for politicians making a career of it.

Second, way to go, Chesapeake Police Department!
The case spurred a flurry of discussion in the Chesapeake-Hampton Roads area about the use of informants and of SWAT-like forced-entry tactics to serve marijuana warrants. Readers’ comments on a local newspaper’s website, initially pro-police, soured against the department as details about the shoddy investigation came to light. The police, for example, had done almost no investigation to corroborate their informant’s tip.

So what did the Chesapeake Police Department announce in April? It won’t be reconsidering its policy of sending cops on volatile, forced-entry raids into the homes of low-level, nonviolent drug offenders. Nor will it change the way its narcotics officers deal with drug informants. Instead, the department announced, Chesapeake narcotics officers will be using a new and improved battering ram


Sailorcurt said...

This is actually the second "improvement" that the Chesapeake Police Department has announced.

Shortly after the incident, they conducted an investigation into the incident and the policies and procedures that led to the death of Detective Shivers.

As a result of that obviously far-reaching and intense probe, the Chesapeake Police Department announced that they were going to begin investing in better body armor for their

Apparently investigating the tips they receive from known criminals that implicate citizens with no criminal record, before breaking down their doors in the dark of night, is too much to ask.

Sailorcurt said...

Sorry, that last sentence was very poorly structured. I hope the meaning was clear even if the grammar was atrocious.