Friday, September 03, 2010

Survival preparation site

In the comments to my "The water's off" post, Arthur put a link to this article on using calcium hypochlorite to treat water.

Handy thing to know.

Also, Insty linked to this "How I got prepared" article, good reading.

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Keith said...

Calcium Hypochlorite instead of sodium hypochlorite, hmmmm...

The important point is not whether it is the calcium or sodium salt, it is keeping the powder in a sealed container so the damp and carbon dioxide in the air don't attack it.

For unscented sodium hypochlorite, if you have a friend with a dairy farm, get him to fill a bottle from his drum, and swap it for fresh every year or so. The dairying stuff is much more concentrated than household.

Of the hydroxides which will always be present with hypochlorites, the calcium hydroxide is marginally less unfriendly (pH 12 for calcium versus pH14 for sodium hydroxide) - a bit like the difference between getting bitten by a German Shepherd, or a rottweiler.

I've just realized something silly. The strong smell at a public swimming pool is partly rocket fuel! The ammonia from stale pee reacts with hypochlorite to give hydrazine...