Monday, August 16, 2010

Yay! First I've seen this year!

Hummers!And I think it was a pair. Saw the first with barely enough light for pictures and too far away for the flash to help much and ran for the camera. All those without flash were too blurry, this makes it look darker than it actually was. The first flew off, and then this one came in from another direction.

I didn't notice any last year until around the end of July. They may have been around before now and I just didn't see them; no idea. I do know that with all the wet in June, then hot & dry in July and early August even the honeysuckle hasn't been blooming like usual, so I wonder if they'd changed their pattern due to the weather?

In any case, there's a couple here. And yes, I'm a critter geek, this makes me happy.


Knotthead said...

While growing up around here (Eastern KY) it was a rare treat to see a hummingbird, one you were lucky to experience once or twice each summer. A couple of mornings ago they were so thick around the feeders on the porch (six feeders) that it was almost scary.

AndyJ said...

I'm sitting at my desk and have 2 feeders outside my window. There are over a dozen of them doing their "HUMMER WARS" routine. Last year, I went through 20 pounds of sugar feeding them, this year I'm about 12 pounds of sugar down and probably a month and a half to go until they make their trip south. They have been going through about 5 cups of sugar water every 2 days.

Firehand said...

I'm wondering if some of their migration paths are shifting a bit?

Man, that's a LOT of the little buggers! One of my great-uncles used to have mobs like that every year down in southeast OK