Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why so many people think 'modern art'

is absolute bullshit*:
“Working in the arena of identity politics [figures] during the 1990s, the artist created a series of so called anal targets and enema paintings, also known as the “Purple Squirt” series. Emulating the drip paintings of Jackson Pollock, the artist fills his rectum to the maximum with non-toxic [the lightweight!] water-based paint, using a rubber hot water bottle with an attached plastic tube. Then by carefully positioning himself near a large canvas placed horizontally on the floor, he is able, at the appropriate moment to eject and direct a constrained jet of paint, thereby rapidly creating one-of-a-kind artworks with an appositely chaotic and spontaneous feel. Boadwee’s works [not "works" but "motions", surely?] have been included in the Venice Biennial, Bay Area Now 3, and the John Waters-curated ‘Elimination’ at the Albert Merola Gallery, Provincetown, MA”

The fact that fools in art galleries and museums, and clowns like Frasier Crane, think garbage like this qualifies as high art says all you need to know about the arts community.

*Literally AND metaphorically, in this case


Roger said...

And you're surprised! (?)

Firehand said...

Roughly ten years ago, one of the last times I watched 60 Minutes, they had some couple in NYEffin'C who were 'friends of many artists' and very wealthy from all the 'art' given to them by idiots they'd supported. One was a piece of weathered 1x4 with a piece of 1/4" rope about four inches long- with frayed ends, they were sure to mention- stapled to it; value around 10k. Between crap like that and Mapplethorpe being famous for pictures of a whip up someone's ass, no, I'm not surprised.

Disgusted, yes.