Sunday, August 15, 2010

Insty pointed to this article about a 'women as sex objects'

comment Hugh Hefner made(and why is anyone paying attention to him, anyway?) and all the bitching it stirred up. I'm going to note this part:
According to Siskind, Friedan’s primary objection is what is now the norm. “Unfortunately the chicken has come home to roost as we’ve seen a surge in teen dating violence and things like sexting because the whole notion is ‘yeah, we own our sexuality now and wear it on our sleeves.’ Which might be fine for some women,” Siskind said, “but for many others its not. So our girls now think that is how they define themselves, not how smart or accomplished they are.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List told TheDC that feminists hurt themselves by seeking empowerment through sex. “Women decided the best way to get themselves out of oppression in the modern era was to emulate men,” Dannenfelser said. “They were trying to get power, but when women decided that disconnecting sex from relationships — which is what they saw men doing — was liberation that is where the floodgates opened. And that is how our undoing as a gender has come about.”
Remember Frasier? His producer, Roz? I tend to think of her as a prime example of "I can sleep with anybody I want, so I will!" dumbassery*.
She'd sleep with anybody who gave her an itch.
She'd finish a date, and if she met somebody after might sleep with them.
She saw no problem with lying about what she was or what she did to try to hook someone. And then wondered why things fell apart.
When she got pregnant, one of her big gripes during the pregnancy was how hard it was to get dates, and how guys didn't want to have sex with her 'just because I'm pregnant'.
And in one episode, Frasier found out she was hitting on a new kid at the station- he was 19, she was 35 as I recall- and she said "Why is it bad when an older woman sleeps with an young guy, but nobody thinks twice about an older guy and a young girl?", and my first thought was "You mean the guys women like you refer to as pigs? Kind of forgetting that, aren't you?"
And in all that, with the exception of a new woman at the station patterned after Dr. Laura and quickly run off, NOBODY ever pointed out that jumping from bed to bed just might have something to do with some of her problems; just not PC, y'know.

And crap like that being watched by kids hasn't helped the current situation. Friends of mine have two kids, son about 12 and daughter about 4. They're very picky about what they let them watch, especially so after the mother took son to a school party about a year ago: the way the girls in the class were acting to the boys frankly scared hell out of her, and led to a discussion of all the ways that can get you in trouble with son.

No, I don't think most kids can be saints. I DO think they can be taught self-control and a moral background that will help them make good decisions, which jumping into the hookup culture is not one of.

Oh, on that line but when women decided that disconnecting sex from relationships — which is what they saw men doing — was liberation that is where the floodgates opened, Few years back I saw a little sign at a ladies' desk: When women act more like men, why can't they act like NICE men?
Good question.

*Yes, I think jumping from bed to bed tends to be a bad thing for guys, too.

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Well, the itching should have given 'Roz' a clue.
Just disgusting.