Wednesday, August 18, 2010

About the 'Death panel by another name' post the other day,

I'm going to ste- borrow from Insty:
ANN ALTHOUSE ON AVASTIN: “There are death panels. They don’t want to be seen as death panels, because to be seen as death panels will undermine their relentless, bureaucratic work. So see them.” And name names, which, as I’ve noted before, undercuts the diffusion of responsibility that bureaucrats prefer. In this case, some names are Wyndham Wilson, the chair of the committee, and Richard Pazdur, the FDA’s cancer chief. Also committee members Natalie Compagni Portis, and Jean Grem, both quoted here.

And, as Mickey Kaus reminds us, this is all part of the ObamaCare cost-containment plan. The man behind that is named Barack Obama.

Normally I don't do a whole post from somebody else like this; this one is short, and the sentiment I very much agree with: don't let the bastards hide themselves.

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