Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you need some rubber gloves for use around solvents,

more than a year ago I picked up a pair of stripping gloves at Ace Hardware; they're intended for use with chemicals for stripping furniture, and unlike regular rubber/latex/whatever gloves, they do not soften, bag-up or dissolve when used with mineral spirits and such.

If I were going to be doing a lot of rust bluing, I'd get another pair(maybe two) and have one for wearing while degreasing/carding/wiping on solution, and one for when I'm oiling the pieces. They don't fit as tight and have as much feel as the lighter stuff, but they last a LOT better.


Anonymous said...

I use Nitrile gloves. They do not disolve and last while submerged in most solvents. Costco has a huge supply for cheap.

Firehand said...

I've got a box of nitrile, very handy for a lot of things. But mineral spirits and such make them start stretching and bagging.

Keith said...

I tried to find some replacements when my nitrile gloves ripped. looked for ages, but no one seems to stock them now, so I ended up getting some heavy PVC impregnated gloves for painting the fence with cresote replacement.

Both proper cresote for the fence and chlorate to kill the weeds in the gravel are now banned in EU!

Cresote was safe on animal cages - the replacement isn't. Chlorate breaks down to common salt in contact with anything organic, The replacements don't (I suspect that a chemical had to be sponsored to get approval - a very corrupt way to make us buy more expensive chemicals that are still under patent).

Sigivald said...

I got a pair of these from a local surplus store.

I don't know what kind of "rubber" they are, but damn if they're not basically indestructible.

Firehand said...

Keith, that sounds like the Forest Service trying to close down some range on FS land because 'the railroad ties used have creosote, which is hazardous' while they STILL use the same damn things. With no problems.

Oh yeah, friend gunsmith has a pair of those and you're right, they're tough.