Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back when I was blacksmithing, I came up with

"Come see my forgings."

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markm said...

I'm hardly verbally facile enough to have ever invented a pickup line, nor have I been the recipient of any worth remembering. With my luck, when a cute college girl asked me to come over to her apartment and roust a stray cat from under her bed, there actually was a terrified cat there. And the girl was so phobic that she stayed 50 feet away as I carried it out.

Most memorable line in the movies, except it wasn't a line, was in Urban Cowboy. Dolly Parton made a bet that she could turn anyone into a country music star. The selected victim was a very young Sylvester Stallone. She asked him if he could play any instruments, and he said yes, the organ. Then, something like, "I have a really big organ at home. Want to see it?"

(Looong pause)

"I'll come see your organ, but there had better be music coming out of it."

Sly's character lived with his parents, over his father's business, which was a funeral parlor, so there actually was a huge organ.