Friday, August 20, 2010

Translation from Wales copspeak:

"We don't like you having the guns you DO have, peasant; shut up or we'll find a way to take some of those away! And don't bother us with facts about what you 'need', WE decide what you need to be allowed to own."

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Keith said...

My personal experience with North Wales Cunstabulary:

Bunch of officious little c#~ts! I still have my Opinel penknife in my pocket now. I've had it for about 30 years, but those twats wanted to bully me into "surrendering" it.

Theiving bastards backed down - eventually. Seems they weren't on a firm a legal ground as they tried to make me think they were, all the shouty intimidation tricks were tried as well.

Apparently their favourite trick is to steal cartridges from shooters about to board a ferry. How to screw up the holiday of someone who has already jumped through all the hoops and represents absolutely no risk to anyone

Can't remember which cuntsabulary it was, which did a game keeper for shooting a fox which was in a snare. His certificate said "Shooting" the cops told the judge he had used it for "dispatching" and the judge believed them.

For the sake of all the decent cops in Britain. I hope those scum get transferred to fast food retailing, quick, like before the good cops really need the help of those members of the public who are not employed full time on the duties of all citizens...