Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Without going into details, Bank of Oklahoma sucks

That's the bank son's been using, and they've screwed things up for the last time; once he gets back he's finding another.


Keith said...

One man's tool in an argument with a bank:

I'm told that the bank was deffinitely in the wrong on one specific matter, but same friend said that ALLEGEDLY*, the guy's financial dealings were not exactly whiter than white.

I've heard it said that in pre euro days, the Irish called their currency the "Punt" so it rhymed with "bank manager".

*got to say that. I don't know for sure.

Chad said...

Have him get USAA bank. Online deposits (scan in the check while sitting around in your underwear), no fees, refunds of most atm fees, and great easy to use website. It's awesome, I'm so glad I changed to it.

Keith said...

If he goes for banking online, make sure he gets an ubuntu CD, verifies that it is clean and boots the computer off that, and doesn't use unencrypted wifi.

No chance of spyware getting his details then.

Hat tip Borepatch from a couple of months back

Brian Dunbar said...

BoK went downhill (my dad says) soon after they built that god-awful looking skyscraper in Tulsa.

I can testify that working in that silly tower was no fun at all.

Unasked for advice: we had our account with a real friendly bank - one of the ones with lots of branches right in the grocery. Then they drained a horde of cash thanks to some questionable penalty charges .. ah you don't want to hear the story.

We moved to a credit union and have never looked back.

Anonymous said...

USAA is great and combining it with insurance really brings the costs down. And Keith sounds a little paranoid.

Keith said...

I've got porridge monkeys and what looks like a bunch of Jews up my family tree.

Makes me careful with my money.

Seriously though, I have mates in the computer security business, and they tell me that the spyware and identity theft business is several times bigger than the security business.

The suggested precautions are easy and cost nothing to implement, so why not?