Thursday, August 05, 2010

As the only thing you'll hear from me for at least today,

that's one big damn lizard:
A MONSTER 6.5m crocodile had to be killed by locals in a remote Northern Territory Aborigine community because it was killing their cattle.

Jeida Francis, 23, said the croc was caught in Manangoora, an outstation 56km east of Borroloola.

"It was massive. There were three huge ones out there. One of them is still out there at the moment.
That's 21.3 feet of saltwater crocodile. Jeez.


Mattexian said...

Dang! Um, what rifle for giant croc, or do we go with a stick of dynamite like Mick Dundee?

Keith said...

I bet anyone around there who owns a 20mm Lahti wouldn't need to buy his own beers very often.

In the comments, there were some relevant bitches, seems if a whitey had shot a croc, he'd be in deep crap with the powers that be.

Keith said...

British only ones, smashing hell out of a 70 year old man's range rover
-for his own safety it seems...

Let's not forget that although seatbelt laws overall reduce road fatalities, they greatly increase fatalities among pedestrians - by making drives feel more secure, some therefore drive faster and more dangerously - seatbelt laws only actually make moral sense for passangers and juvaniles. They make economic sense if there is a state healthcare system.

Giant isopods...

Keith said...

More complete video of Welsh Only Ones: