Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I started this blog to talk about forging and metalworking,

and I have. A lot at first, less as time went by and I could do less of it. And I've also talked a lot about gun and ammo and such shooty goodness. And it's also morphed into my electronic soapbox to stand on and yell about things. Between time and the hand(better, thankyouverymuch) I've done a lot less the last few days and will be doing less over the next week or two, and it's frustrating as hell, because I want to go on at length about some of the crap I see when I check news. Like this bullshit from another "People need to pay more taxesexcept for the people who vote for me" Democrat:
One irony of the tax increase that arrives on January 1 is that the it will hit residents of high-income, Democratic-leaning states like California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York the hardest. This is a problem for pro-tax Democrats.

Enter New York Representative Jerrold Nadler, who wants to exempt his own six-figure constituents from the tax hike he supports. Mr. Nadler's bill would "require the IRS to adjust tax brackets proportionally in regions where the average cost of living is higher than the national average."

In other words, the various tax brackets would apply to residents in certain regions at higher income levels versus other parts of the country. A family with an income of $50,000 or even $1 million in Manhattan would pay less federal income tax than a family with the same earnings in Omaha. The bill is called the Tax Equity Act, but a more accurate title would be the Blue State Tax Preference Act
Just for proposing this the bastard should be tarred and feathered.

And I'd like to add a bunch to this(although it's pretty much already said):
Let's start with the left, which certainly has different motives than Klinghoffer's. The urge to lament how far today's conservatives have fallen from the "golden age" of Buckley & Co. is a now-familiar gambit. You see, this is what critics on the left always say: "If only today's conservatives were as decent or intellectual or patriotic as those of yesteryear."

The best conservatives are always dead; the worst are always alive and influential. When Buckley and Kristol, not to mention Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, were alive, they were hated and vilified by the same sorts of people who now claim to miss the old gang. The gold standard of the dead is always a cudgel, used to beat back the living.

And you run into things like this, the guy who invented Cheese Doodles:
Yohai was born in Harlem in 1920. After he graduated from the Wharton School of business, he took a job at the Grumman aircraft factory on Long Island. During World War II, Yohai left work to enlist in the Navy and become a pilot.

His son, Robbie Yohai, of Berkeley, Calif., told Newsday, "He decided since he was making planes, he figured he could fly a plane." He said his father had never taken an airplane ride. "The first time he was ever in an airplane, he was the co-pilot."

Morrie Yohai transferred to the Marine Corps and served as a pilot in the South Pacific, transferring injured troops and cargo back and forth.
After Borden relocated to Columbus, Ohio, Yohai left the firm. He started teaching at the New York Institute of Technology, becoming the associate dean for the school of management.
In later years, Yohai studied Torah and Jewish mysticism. He took up writing, and penned more than 500 poems and published two books of poetry.

He was a member of Temple Beth El in Great Neck. His philanthropic work included founding the New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival.

Enough. In a variety of ways. See you later.


Windy Wilson said...

I like how you post on a variety of subjects.
For instance, save the tar and feathers, just line up New York Representative Jerrold Nadler to get kicked in his nads by everyone who would wind up paying more in taxes thanks to his "tax cuts for the rich" proposal. Why is this tax cut for the rich a good thing, but not when they accuse some Republican of doing the same thing?

The other example is the inventor of the Cheese-doodle. Who today would have the self confidence to believe, "He decided since he was making planes, he figured he could fly a plane." or to become a co-pilot without ever being in an airplane -- in today's world of synthetic self-esteem, even?

Keith said...

I'm trying to think how long I've been coming here. 2005 or 2006?

I've learned a hell of a lot from you in that time and enjoyed learning it too.